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6 Ways to Easily Maintain Perfect Hair Color

6 Ways to Easily Maintain Perfect Hair Color

Applying these practical and easy hair color tips can give you an extra mile on your hair color service. Have fun with hair color without the compromise. A little “do diligence” on your part can keep your color fresh and your hair in optimum shape.

1. Use temporary color products for touch-ups between color services.

Try and stretch out your next color service by using temporary color ideas such as Soft Color by Goldwell or Salon in a Bottle root touchup. Soft Color will carry you through a few more washings before renewing your color professionally. Salon in a Bottle will hold you over from shampoo to shampoo. These are great methods of maintenance between color services when you are graying.

2. Give yourself more than at least 4 weeks between coloring services.

Maintaining your color as often as every three weeks can weaken your hairline and cause thinning. This isn’t a concern for everyone, but there are individuals that are highly sensitive and susceptible to adverse reactions to hair color if not extending more time between hair color services.

3. Consider semi and demi permanent color between permanent color services.

These options are a great way of giving your hair a chance to strengthen up between permanent color treatments or if desiring to revitalize your color.

4. Revive the way your hair feels with SOTAH Oil/Creme Therapy.

When using the temporary touch up colors for the hairline or partings, use SOTAH Oil/Créme Therapy to remove the tacky feel that you may get when applying a temporary root touch up color. Use a small dab of Oil/Créme Therapy by rubbing the product together into your fingertips. Pat the area with fingertips where you have applied the temporary touch up color. You will notice that the tacky feel to the hair will be softened and feel more natural. The Oil/Créme Therapy will help eliminate the possibility of breakage due to the drying affects the temporary touch up color may have on the hair.

5. Intensify natural tones with a glaze or a gloss.

The holidays are near and a great time to spruce up your color.  If you’re not wearing the wild and intense colors, intensify your natural tones with a glaze or a gloss. Using a glaze or gloss is a gentle way to even out some of the faded tones of previously color treated hair without the compromise.  Results will be dazzling.

6. Properly maintain color-treated hair daily by properly hydrating it.

Bleaching the hair is extremely popular at the moment, not only for those wanting to be a natural blonde, but for those desiring the daring intense colors that are so popular in the hair world today. I’m sure you know that bleaching has damaging affects to the hair, but we still go for the look. There are products on the market, such as Olaplex that restores the strength to bleached and color treated hair in the process. Properly maintaining your bleached hair is very important on a daily basis. SOTAH's Conditioning ShampooMoisture Boost Conditioner and Oil/Créme Therapy work fantastic with hair that has been color treated or bleached. These products contain Kale Oil, Coconut Oil, and Aloe Vera, all natural humectants that will help keep your extremely hydrated. Weather you use them all or independently, you will see and feel instant results.

6 Ways to Easily Maintain Perfect Hair Color - SOTAH (STATE OF THE ART HAIR)