Our Story

"I've had a natural passion for hair since I was a young girl; it's been a long awaited dream come true to have a hair care line. It was well worth the 5 years spent in research and development to have a remedy for people seeking healthy, hydrated hair with immediate results. Many formulations later — over 100, in fact  SOTAH Hair Care was born. I made it my mission to find the solution and provide for all people and multiple hair types the answer to beautiful, healthy and manageable hair. With a simple approach to the everyday needs of busy people, SOTAH captures the wash-and-go philosophy that offers a gorgeous end result."

Janet Zeitoun, Founder & Creator —

Who we are.

SOTAH  pronounced sō’ ta and an acronym for STATE OF THE ART HAIR  is a family-owned hair care product line proudly made in the USA founded by hair artist Janet Zeitoun and executively managed by her son, Talun Zeitoun. The company was established to get people on a path to hair care success  whatever their individual hair goals may be  by first providing hair with a strong, healthy foundation through hydration.

What we believe.

We believe that true “state of the art hair” is the artful balance of chemistry, design and the ability to capture one’s true, unique personality. We believe in wearing you, not just a style or a trend. And in crafting this balance through the products we create, we believe in the importance of creativity, individuality, experience and the curious minds seeking possibilities. As a result, we believe in solutions for all that are simple, easy-to-use, instantaneous and effective.

Dry hair: a core problem for many regardless of texture.

Many of us to want to experiment with our hair to reflect our individuality. Why shouldn’t we? If we want to go beyond what our natural hair can do, the styles and trends we seek can be created from chemicals such as straighteners, Keratin treatments, perms, bleaching and intense color with high-lifting tint. If those alone don't compromise our hair and strip the hydration from our strands, there are the hot styling tools we use  think blow drying and flat ironing  that'll for sure do the trick. More times than not, your hair will suffer moderately to severely. There is nothing wrong with using any of these techniques to get your desired style, it’s just about knowing how to minimize the effects of your choices.

SOTAH was inspired by not being able to find products on the market for Zeitoun's own personal use and that of her clients. She wanted something that could make a significant and immediate difference when hydrating hair. Zeitoun's career has awarded her the experience to travel the world and work with various hair textures. In doing so, she realized that there was a common concern amongst the majority of people that she dealt with no matter what their texture was: their hair lacked hydration. Thus, her journey to develop SOTAH Hair Care began. She knew that without properly hydrated hair, the risk of continuous damage would ensue and further develop until the hair would be severely compromised or even unrepairable.

Our solution: infusing hair with real hydration.

SOTAH hair care is a simple, easy-to-use assortment of essential products designed to immediately infuse real, lasting hydration into each strand for manageable, healthy and beautiful hair. With a properly hydrated base, SOTAH helps allow you to be a little more indulgent with your own individual styling goals; and for those seeking something easier, SOTAH will make that wash-and-go style all the more attainable by defining and hydrating.

For all hair types, color-treated and beyond.

The core benefits of properly hydrated hair are essential for all hair types. Whether you have naturally hydrated hair or not, hydration is the foundation by which the health of the hair strives. No hair type can be devoid of hydration to survive. We all need it, which is why SOTAH cannot discriminate, ignore or prioritize one hair type over another. We even took it step further to make it safe and effective to use on wigs, extensions and weaves. We leave no strand behind.


About our founder, Janet Zeitoun.

For over 30 years, Janet Zeitoun has been designing the hair of some of the world’s most famous superstars. Janet Jackson has said, “Her [Zeitoun’s] talent is rare and exceptional.” Zeitoun’s longtime clients also include Denzel Washington and Damien Chazelle, and she worked extensively with the late Michael Jackson and Natalie Cole. As one of Hollywood’s top hairstylists, she has traveled all over the world alongside A-List celebrities and executives who know Zeitoun will make them look their best. Her encyclopedic knowledge of products and techniques are the signature of her genius. Read more.