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Luxurious hydration
for all hair types.


Our Hydrating Hair Care Products

SOTAH (STATE OF THE ART HAIR) hair care products are designed to complement each other giving superior management, shine, and hydration for your daily hair care needs. Used independently  whether your hair is in its natural state or compromised by harsh chemicals and styling aides that may cause any level of dehydration  SOTAH works to replenish every strand for beautiful, healthy hair. Indulge with SOTAH and love on your hair just a little more.

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Sulfate Free

Your hair will retain its moisture, color and essential natural oils without the harsh effects found in unnecessary, unsafe, and high-lathering sulfates.

Paraben Free

We chose safer ingredients - not harsh parabens - to preserve the longevity of our products, keeping you and your hair as healthy and as “state of the art” as it should be.

Color Safe

Whether or not you color your hair, SOTAH has no has no harsh sulfates, so your natural or color-treated hair is protected and your color will last longer with optimal condition.

Sotah creator janet zeitoun has spent 30 years in the hair industry, and 5 years in research & development.

“Through all of my years in the hair industry, I knew there was something missing in the products I had to use on my clients. I could not find what my clients really needed in the hair care consumer market. I could not even find it professionally. I made it my mission to find the solution and provide for all people and multiple hair types, including those with chemically treated hair, extensions, wigs and weaves the answer to beautiful, hydrated, and manageable hair. SOTAH (STATE OF THE ART HAIR) is the only product line currently on the market that can offer hydration and manageability to everyone regardless of their hair type, color, or texture. I have invented a simple, yet inventive approach to the everyday needs of busy people –a wash and go innovative philosophy, that offers a gorgeous end result for every hair type. SOTAH is exactly what my clients needed! SOTAH is what I needed! This realization, prompted by my years of research and development, helped me bring SOTAH products to the market. Now everyone, clients and professional hairdressers alike, can experience healthy, hydrated, manageable, wash-and-go hair.”

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