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5 Summer Hair Tips You Should Consider Right Now

5 Summer Hair Tips You Should Consider Right Now

We’re in the thick of summer. While you're busy basking in the sun or planning an end-of-summer mini vacation, don’t forget to take good care of your tresses as to ensure they don’t get compromised by the sun’s effects.

1. Go for the braid.

Take advantage of the braid phenomenon for the summer. It’s a great way to protect your hair from the elements, eliminate heat on your tresses, and stay chic.

2. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

Combat dry hair by using a great conditioning shampoo. Many summer activities could call for you to shampoo more frequently. SOTAH Conditioning Shampoo will keep your hair healthy with maximum hydration.

3. Consider oils.

Kill two birds with one stone, choose an essential oil that benefits your hair and body at the same time. Olive or coconut oils are two of my favorites. It’s refreshing to feel moisturized from head to toe.

4. Get your (hair) vitamins.

Major diets are happening to relish summer fun, but remember to make sure that you get enough of the essential nutrients for your body. Omega 3, Vitamins D, and B-complex vitamins are a must in maintaining healthy hair. A good hair supplement is a great way to enforce the health of your tresses.

5. Give your hair a break.

A daring summer hair color craze is going on, so take extra precaution: don’t let those tresses get dehydrated. It’s the number one culprit that will ruin your hair of all your efforts. Use SOTAH Moisture Boost Conditioner to revive the most compromised hair and finish it off with SOTAH Oil Crème Therapy to ensure your strands get all the attention they deserve in terms of hydration, reducing flyaways, and reviving natural shine. You'll notice game-changing results.

Remember: hair styling goals can be achievable with sufficient hydration. Don’t let the harsh summer elements have a negative impact on your hair. A little effort goes a long way.

Enjoy the sun.