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3 Ways To Protect Your Hair As You Prepare for Festival Season

3 Ways To Protect Your Hair As You Prepare for Festival Season

By Janet Zeitoun

Spring is here and we’re in the midst of one of the most talked about events of the year: Coachella. It’s been that chill out time; a little over a week to spread your wings, let your hair down, and just “be.”

This event has a very laid back feel, yet prepping for festival season isn’t so laid back. It’s that nonchalant feel that looks as though you haven’t had a thought for your hair or clothes. But how far from the truth is this? From the first weekend, we’ve seen an array of blondes and every trending color there is just to have that natural “I haven’t done a thing” look. The naturally curly hair girls will swarm Coachella with great ease, fitting into an atmosphere that promotes exactly what every curl expresses daily: a free spirit.

Depending on your accommodations, having a hairstyle that won’t take a lot of time and effort should be high on the list. People get very creative with limited accommodations that don’t always allow for space nor the time to maneuver in the way one might be used to (just something to consider if this is your situation). This is part of what makes Coachella the “event.” It’s not your everyday norm with the usual setups. This all contributes to the spirit of this event.

1. Get Sunscreen Designed for Hair

Think about what hair looks can be achievable with the least effort. Remember,  keep it simple.

If you’re sporting your curly locks for this event, take a good sunscreen designed for hair. All of us need to protect our hair from the sun rays whenever possible, but curly hair needs it even more because the natural oils are trapped at the roots and never make it down the shaft of the hair. This of course will have a drying effect and the sunrays exasperate the dryness even more. Split ends and damage to the scalp due to the UVA and UVB rays can all be prevented with simple steps while the festivities continue to unfold. I suggest using Rene Furterer Sun Care Protective Summer Oil. This product protects you from the sun rays along with aiding your hair from the harsh effects of sea salt and chlorine.

2. Protect Your Head

A great hat to throw into your luggage would be a great idea, too. Try Janessa Leone designs for hat ideas. When in doubt or just not enough time, a hat can bring it together along with the protection it will give to your hair, skin, and scalp. Effortless is the key.

3. Give Your Hair a Hydrated Foundation

On the note of effortless, use SOTAH Hair Care Products. After a single use, after a day in the sun or sea, your hair will feel as though it was never exposed to these extreme elements or compromised. The Oil/Crème Therapy is a go-to when you don’t have much time time and you’re in need of a little moisture to bring it all together. It’s great for flyaways and ends that just need a bit more attention. The SOTAH Conditioning Shampoo is as simple as it gets by delivering everything your hair needs for shine, manageability, and hydration. All three products can enhance your hair or work separate of each other depending on what the needs of your hair are at the moment.

Let’s not let a moment go by worrying about things that make our lives better when we can take the steps beforehand to enjoy festival season coming our way. Lets rock the world with sound. Enjoy.

Image Credit: EDMID

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