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Designing Hair Looks for the Academy Awards

Designing Hair Looks for the Academy Awards

Oscar time is here. I'm organizing my day to help some of Hollywood’s notables plan for that moment on the red carpet. The hair, makeup, and lavish gowns are looked upon as favorably as the Oscars picks themselves.

As exciting as it is, it’s also very stressful. Fashion critiques are just waiting to give the “thumbs up or thumbs down”. This year Chris Rock is hosting the 2016 Oscar Awards, and that is another set of eyes that can beam the light down on a fashion oops and deliver a comedic response at your mercy.  The pressure is on for all involved.

Every once in a while, actresses might emulate old Hollywood style, which can be refreshing when recreated perfectly. A retro look of the 40’s or 50’s strikes a pose on the red carpet occasionally. Cate Blanchett is a perfect example of retro hollywood glamour. She is always put together beautifully, and I definitely look forward to seeing what her stance on glamour will be tonight.

Hairstyles that our Hollywood starlets grace the carpets with today can vary from an afro to a fingerwave. These fashion moments are full of excitement: viewers are anticipating a new fashion direction, new trends, or just plain inspiration.

I see Hollywood hair trends to be a lot more simple or unconstructed today.

Mastering simple or unconstructed isn’t as easy as it may seem. There is an underline technique to executing it well. SOTAH Hair Products will give you a great hydrating foundation to start from and, specifically, the Oil Crème Therapy is a great tool for updos or a great finish to any hairstyle. I’m sure we'll see such looks tonight.

With that being said I welcome all the ballet buns, French rolls, French twists, French braids, or those classic bobs with a disheveled edge.  Whatever it will be, we’ll see it all tonight - live.

Wishing the best to all the nominees and participants of the motion picture industry.


Image Credit: Getty Images