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10 Reasons Why You May Be Experiencing Limited Hair Growth

10 Reasons Why You May Be Experiencing Limited Hair Growth

One of the main concerns I get from the clients who sit in my seat is stinted hair growth. The reasons range from improper nutrition to poor protection from styling tools — even from the natural environment! I’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why anyone may be experiencing limited hair growth and hope you can find answers to your hair growth problems within.

1. You are insufficient in nutrients needed to sustain healthy hair.

We are fast on the move with our daily obligations where sometimes a balanced, healthy diet becomes less of a priority. As we all know, proper nutrition will benefit your entire body; however, when we ingest fewer nutrients, our hair will be the last to get that supply causing hair to weaken, break, and — in severe instances — come off completely. Our vital organs will receive most of the nutrients when there is a low supply of that nutrition leaving the hair with little to pull strength from.  Fish oils/omegas, fruits, vegetables, proteins, antioxidant-rich foods, and vitamins A and B’s are essential. We have to be our own advocate. Love yourself.

2. The hair products you’re using are not maintaining enough hydration for your individual needs.

All of us have varying needs when it comes to our hair care, but I have found that a good 85% of people say they never have enough hydration. In spite of the lack of hydration, we will do what it takes to get the look we want, even if it means using products with extreme amounts of alcohol for volume. The results from these actions over a short period of time will have adverse effects that dry out the hair even more, especially if your hair is prone to dryness from the start. A good foundation consisting of a highly hydrating shampoo and conditioner helps remedy these styling effects. SOTAH Conditioning Shampoo and SOTAH Moisture Boost Conditioner will help to balance the moisture in your hair when using styling aides that could cause dryness. SOTAH preps and recovers hair, giving you ample opportunities to just “go for it.”

3. Heat damage from styling tools.

Danger, danger! Sometimes it only takes one time. Using heat tools too often will rain destruction on your hair robbing it of all the properties that make your hair beautiful. I’m not saying to never use them; I’m saying to know your limits. When hair has been burned by the heating tools, there is no coming back. And if your hair is more than 60% gray, take more precaution. Gray hair can yellow quickly from hot tools and there isn’t a product to make that hair white again. A “heat protectant” is always advisable. I have found that hot tools made with ceramic plates or ceramic curling irons protect the hair a lot better. And don’t use heat over 380-400 degrees: if you can get your results going even lower, do so. Try sets, wraps, diffusing, and anything that will limit the impact of hot tools.

4. Chemical applications that are too harsh for your hair type.

This is a big culprit sometimes when experiencing limited hair growth or breakage. Knowing what your hair is capable of is not always easy. This is an area where you would hope that your stylist could advise you with a thumbs up or down when choosing a chemical service. Whether it be color or straightening treatments, some hair textures can endure more than others. It isn’t based on the density (i.e. how much hair) you have, but on the elasticity and strength of each strand. Too many processes on the hair can weaken the hair. If your hair isn’t suitable for chemicals, there are many hair products on the market that can help you go natural with more control and get the color you want with less adverse effects. A great product on the market to help withstand the rigors of chemicals is Olaplex. That coupled with SOTAH Conditioning Shampoo and SOTAH Moisture Boost Conditioner will get you the hydrated base essential for your hair’s success.

5. Infrequent hair cuts or trims.

What are you holding on to? If the hair is damaged, not cutting it only makes matters worst. When hair is damaged, you can minimize further damage by strengthening treatments, avoiding heat to the hair, and keeping hair as hydrated as possible. This will buy you some time to grow more healthy, virgin hair before you get psychologically ready for the trim (or the cut if the hair just needs to just come off). In the meantime, you’ll have grown some healthy hair and will be back on track with your hair goals. Remember: hair grows at least a 1/2 inch per month. If you don’t see hair growth, then more is breaking off than growing in. Cut those ends!

6. Hair being pulled too tight, creating too much stress on the strands.

More often than we are aware of, we tightly pull our hair back off our face for buns, braids or ponytails a little too often, or just too tight. This causes the hair to recede over time if this process is always used. You can wear these looks keeping in mind not to pull the hair so tight causing stress and trauma to your hairline. Also be mindful of the clips and elastic bands you choose: these can also play a part in the health of your hair. Be mindful and aware of these small adjustments to protect every inch of your hair.

7. Too many chemical services on your hair, causing hair to become fragile.

I know we all like to be “pulled together” — hair and all — but if it’s at the risk of damaging your tresses, it’s not worth it. It’s a lot quicker to damage your hair than to regain the health back. When you think of getting that chemical service before its time to do so, just think of the possible consequences. An extra month of conditioning or going that extra mile to care for your hair before another treatment is applied can work wonders. Use quick, over-the-counter touch-ups for your color; I like these if it means that you can stretch the time in between professional color treatments. Timing is key when you have more than one chemical needed to manage your hair and desire to keep it at its best.

8. Not protecting your hair from natural elements like sun, wind, and salt water.

A day at the beach with the sun shining on your skin, the wind tossing your hair, and the waves pressing against every curve of your body is total bliss for many.  As much as most of us love these elements, without proper protection for your hair, just one day at the beach can be a setback. As mesmerizing as the waves can be, the salt from the water can become a beast to your hair. Each of these three natural elements can pose as threats to your healthy hair. The good thing is that there are sunscreens and oil creams that can help you sustain your hair through a playful day at the beach. Take advantage of products that are designed specifically for these elements and enjoy. For a hair sunscreen, I recommend Shiseido Refreshing Sun Protection Spray and SOTAH Oil/Crème Therapy. Your hair will love you for it.

9. Hormonal changes. 

Oops! These are changes that happen in our bodies with no fair warning. Not all are faced with drastic changes due to hormonal shifts that can impact us in so many ways, but know that hair is high on the list when these changes occur. The effects it can have on the hair include thinning, dryness, and brittle, lifeless hair without shine and - in some extreme cases - baldness. None of these effects would make anyone feel good about themselves, so take precaution immediately. The first thing is to get expert medical help to understand exactly what is going on. Sometimes alongside what is medically recommended, natural foods, exercise, and a new hairstyle style can lift your spirits alongside boosting the health of your tresses. A good vitamin with Biotin and Folic Acid is a great start. Ask your doctor for the best supplements to help rescue your hair that will work with any meds that you may have been prescribed. It’s a journey we’re all taking, but we must keep the faith.

10. Severe color changes being performed too frequently.

Point blank: I love color. It has such a major impact on how we project ourselves. Color can transform our appearance with just a single application: it can make you feel full of new beginnings. That’s why color is so popular. If you want to spark it up, color is an avenue to take. We get ourselves into trouble, however, just being that adventurous. Some hair can withstand a lot of color change, but even the strongest hair will weaken at some point. If you are one of those daring ones, be open to frequent cuts to minimize the damage. If you are seeking length, refrain from severe color choices. Try some low lights with a color gloss to enhance your look. Sometimes the slightest change can bring an amazing difference while keeping your hair at its healthiest best. Also, check out our blog post on ways to maintain the perfect hair color.

Which issues may you be experiencing?