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Tips for Securing Your Blowout

Tips for Securing Your Blowout

Mastering the perfect blowout can be accredited to the choice of styling tools and the knowledge of knowing what styling products work best for your particular hair texture. Once these points are taken into consideration the success of your blowout will be evident in the results.

Limit the amount of styling products you use.

To keep a fabulous blowout, don’t apply excessive amounts of styling product to you hair every day. This will cause a buildup that will shorten the life of your blowout; however, regardless of your hair texture, I highly recommend using a thermal protectant (I personally recommend One Prep Spray by R+Co) that will create barriers against your thermal styling tools. This prevents your hair from heat damage like dry hair.

Use the best tools possible.

A great blow dryer is essential. It can help instill a smoother texture to your hair and even lessen the potential need of other hot tools. When the cuticle is smooth, it will always follow with shine: a plus for that perfect blowout. I like using the SRI Blow Dryer, which features a ”cool shot” setting. This feature is helpful to liven up your blow dry when you need to freshen up your style between your blowouts. The cooling feature secures your curls and adds a silky feel to the hair. Simply take a section of your hair, wrap it around your round brush (natural bristle roller brushes are always my go-to) as if your were setting your hair on rollers. Direct the heat to the base of the section and follow with the cool shot. Cooling down the hair helps set the style in place. This process is far less damaging than using a flat iron or curling iron on a regular basis, and it will give your hairstyle an instant lift.

Immediately combat frizz after post-blowout.

Use an anti-frizz product that will help combat any weather threats to your style. Try SOTAH Oil Crème Therapy. It not only helps with flyaways, it infuses hydration without weighing hair down and gives you maximum shine benefits. You can use it on a day-by-day basis as needed.

Prolong your blowout by protecting your ends.

To do this, section your hair into six to eight parts before going to bed. Take one section at a time and start rolling your hair with your two index fingers up to the base of your head. Use either hair pins or hair clips to hold each section securely. You can also gather all of your hair to the top center of your head by forming a loose top knot. Secure the top knot with hair pins. These are a few methods that will help ensure and protect the ends of your hair, and maintain volume and body — all while waking up to another glorious hair day.