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How To Spring Your Makeup Routine Out Of Winter

How To Spring Your Makeup Routine Out Of Winter

Spring is here and it’s time to adjust your cosmetic routine. No more heavy, dark makeup. This year it’s all about keeping your Spring make up routines light, fresh, clean and feminine. Need some help dragging yourself out of the winter blues and into the April dew? Read below for some helpful beauty tips for a seamless transition.

Base: It’s not just your wardrobe that needs to lighten up. Once April, hits it’s completely unnecessary to keep packing on heavy foundation. Give your face a little spring-cleaning (along with your home) and switch to a tinted moisturizer. Don’t forget to find products with at least SPF 20. I personally try to use an SPF in some form year-round, but particularly as the days begin to warm up and outdoor activities increase exponentially. Protecting your skin from UV-rays is just as important as staying hydrated.

Body: How to get that sun-kissed glow while wearing SPF? Fake it with a spray tan, sunless tanner and bronzing products. While the sun might be shinning bright, it is crucial to take proper steps to protect your skin. I start the season with light layers of bronzer and a mineral coral blush on the apples of my cheeks. Pinks, corals and even a splash of tangerine can all be incorporated into your daily routine and help to replicate that coveted wind/sunburn look without the epidermal damage. As the days move into warmer temperatures, incorporate a little more color with the help of spray tans or professional sunless tan application for streak-free results. Like a normal tan, it should be a gradual increase in color for it to be realistic look.

Lips:  For me it’s all about a rich nude topped with a great gloss. Let your deep merlots and dense espressos go into hibernation until the fall (the same goes for your hair color). Let the warmer air lure you to softer, glossier shades for not only your pout, but for your locks as well.

Hair: In addition to using hydrating products (shampoo, conditioner and cream moisturizers), consider a hair SPF to protect your locks. If you cannot locate one you like, a hat or designer scarf tied around the head are amazing alternatives to keep your mane manageable and healthy. Always remember that your hair, be it a short, medium or long haircut, is the frame to the picture-perfect you.


Janet Zeitoun, Founder of SOTAH