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Hair Color Tips to Consider Before Trying Kim Kardashian's Ice Princess Do

Hair Color Tips to Consider Before Trying Kim Kardashian's Ice Princess Do

No one can deny that whenever a Kardashian does something, everyone takes a moment to stop and check it out. Whether you love them or hate them, the Kardashian women are major players in today’s pop culture. So when Kim Kardashian stepped out at Paris Fashion Week with not just lightened locks but as an icy platinum blonde, the hair world stopped to take note. Kim’s Instagram account quickly filled with selfies to display her new edgy style, once again the pioneer of a new trend. One of the first pictures even celebrated how she was able to lift her naturally dark brown hair in just one visit (which as we all know is near impossible and not very safe for your strands). So with this we come to the question – how far can we push our hair and what are the risk we’re taking?

Hair artists around the world went wide-eyed with fear when they first saw this new Kardashian look. For if there is one thing the K sisters are wonderful at, it’s starting a new trend. The idea that in the following weeks every dark brunette client would begin flooding salon chairs with dreams of also walking out with ‘Elsa Locks’ can be a bit daunting for stylists. Therefore, it’s important to have realistic expectations whenever looking to make a big change. Hair varies from person to person and as such, processes respond vastly different as well.

While some may be blessed with the type of hair that will lighten quickly many are not. It could take upward of 3-4 visits before a colorist is able to reach your desired shade. Know that your stylist is always looking out for the best interest of you and your hair health. It is essential to follow instructions and guidelines to properly lift and tone your new desired shade  – be it Kardashian’s vanilla ice or Hilary Duff’s mermaid green, all drastic color changes take time, patience and trust.

Proper hair maintenance is important for virgin hair, so you can imagine how crucial it is for severely processed hair. Always use sulfate free shampoo & condition, as this will help to extend the life of your color.  Infusing your strands with proper oils, hydration mists, creams et al will help combat broken strands and fried ends. Remember, your hair artist might be responsible for making you look fabulous when you leave the salon, but you are responsible for taking care of it at home!


Janet Zeitoun, Founder of SOTAH

Image Source: Getty Images