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How to Care for your Coachella Hair

How to Care for your Coachella Hair

Palm Springs is bustling with the return of the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. With over one half million people expected in attendance this year and non-stop activities day and night, how does one stay looking fresh like the morning dew in the middle of the desert?

Spending two weeks in the warmth of the west coast, listening to concert after concert might sound like your dream vacation, but the desert air, blistering rays of the sun and night chill can wreak havoc on your hair. So how can you have a flawless Coachella experience? Follow my survival guide and you will come back just as gorgeous as you left.

Coachella Survival Tips:

  1. Drink LOTS of water. You cannot enjoy the atmosphere, concerts and artistic installations if you are sick with dehydration.

  2. Use SPF - everywhere. This is a crucial point in preserving the appearance of your skin and the longevity of the highlights you just had painstakingly put in. Don’t come home from the festival with lobster skin and brassy hair to match.

  3. You likely won’t have the chance to shower as frequently as you do at home. While the use of dry shampoo will help with the “no-wash” days, it could also lead over-drying your roots and hair shafts. Be sure to use Oil/Crème Therapy on your ends, in conjunction with your dry shampoo or talc powder application. It will help to balance moisture and hair sebum superbly.

  4. Be cognizant of what gets poured into your hair alcoholic beverages, citrus drinks, some foods and even those innocent bubble machines could create quite a disaster for your tresses. If you cannot get to a shower to officially wash your hair, at the very least rinse your hair with flat water to remove anything that might have been inadvertently added.

  5. A foldable floppy hat should be included in your concert arsenal, as should a bandana or scarf. Though fashionable in nature, these items can be the difference between safeguarding your hair color and needing massive color correction upon your return from Coachella.

  6. Pack 10 hair ties you can wear them on your wrist for safe keeping and not only are useful in keeping your hair back and out of your face, but are multi-purpose. Need to keep your tank top straps from falling down? Use a hair tie and double loop those pesky spaghetti tank straps into a racerback style.


Janet Zeitoun, Founder of SOTAH