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Kate Middleton's Royally Gorgeous Hair

By Janet Zeitoun

At almost 9 months pregnant, The Duchess of Cambridge continues to amaze us with her beauty and grace. Her classic, yet modern fashion style has kept us all intrigued and awaiting her next public appearance. But what Middleton has mastered, in my opinion, is hair perfection. No matter the occasion, she steps out in a natural and elegant coif that is the epitome of the perfect accent piece. showcased a collage this week of Middleton in a variety of fashionable maternity outfits, which also displayed a myriad of ways hair can truly be a girl’s best accessory. Kate’s low maintenance pony tail offsets her animal print shift dress and baby bump.  Mothers and moms-to-be (even royal ones) realize time is something there is never enough of. This simple style (which was also seen all over the runway this season), can easily be replicated in under ten minutes: Create a part from ear to ear; slightly tease the hair on both sides of the part; spray, flip, smooth and gather hair at the center of the back of the head and affix a rubber hair tie; once secured into position, take a 2” barrel hot curling iron and hit the ends to add extra bounce and smooth texture.

A hot request from a styling perspective has always been “sexy, beachy Victoria’s Secret model waves”. But in recent years, it’s been all about the ‘Kate’.  Women seek her effortless, chic persona and timeless appearance. The brunette stunner keeps her hair in tip-top shape, leaving it long in length, but loose layering for movement and volume (this type of cut is universally flattering on all face shapes). Her tailored wardrobe (often seen gracing the likes of designers Reiss, Jenny Packham, Issa and Temperley London), is the perfect palette for her lustrous mane. Rather than creating waves from the root (her hair is naturally wavy), she adds just a bit of velocity to the bottom half of the hair shaft with a hot curling tool. Use of an oil based styler assists in calming frizz and fly-aways (SOTAH Oil/Crème Therapy), making the final result clean, lustrous and royally enviable.

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