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Sexy Hair, That's All

By Janet Zeitoun

What is sexy hair? It doesn't have any rules of certainty, but there are some common traits that seem to play great part in the formula. It is neither the color, length nor density that contribute to the equation.

When I reflect on some of the looks that have emulated sexy hair, I think of Marilyn Monroe's coiffed yet disheveled tresses; Esperanza Spalding, who strums the bass guitar with vigor and passion while rockin' the fro of life; Charlize Theron's with her simple updo, as she vamps through a corridor stripping with confidence; Janet Jackson, singing and sassing the stage with her curves and innuendos provoking your imagination to the limit as she slashes that layered cut with whips of thunder; or Grace Jones who sported the flat top that set the dauntless tone for "I will f--k you up." The common ground that these various examples share is attitude, confidence, and the embracing of self. These attributes are definitely in the formula.

Caring for your hair properly and establishing a healthy routine that is manageable, is key to sexy hair. I always suggest hair vitamins for clients to sustain the proper nutrients that our hair needs to thrive. Many times due to stress, improper diets, illnesses, or overly damaged hair caused by harsh chemicals, we deplete our strands of its natural beauty. Stretching out time between chemical services can help revitalize our crowns of glory. Giving your hair some down time by just pulling it back and applying a leave-in conditioner or natural oil will eliminate dryness. It will win you some leverage when it comes time for that "Sexy Hair" look. The outcome, following these suggestions, will be much more satisfying.

Weaves, wigs, clip-ins, and glue-ins, etc. are all tricks of the trade. They are so common now, that they are no longer tricks. The various methods create needed length, density, and preferred textures. Extensions have great styling results, yet they often wreak havoc to most of us when they are worn. A little special care when embracing these methods will play a positive role in the theme of owning "Sexy Hair."

The notion of "Sexy Hair" has as many facets as a diamond. It could mean the freedom of movement, tone of color, shine, or the angle of a great cut. If you were to pick up any magazine with a premise of "Sexy Hair," all of these elements would be obvious. Yet every once in a while, there will one standing alone in the midst of the already established theme, bringing a whole new meaning to "Sexy Hair."

The market continues to bombard us daily with new hair products to help us create the popular looks that are depicted in the media. You know that there isn't a magic shampoo, conditioner or hair spray that will get you there. Healthy hair will give you a running start to your "Sexy Hair" goals. Whether you wear your own natural hair or extensions, find a good hair stylist that has great foresight as to your individual needs. You will find that this venture can be priceless.

By now you've guessed, there is no equation or single formula to obtain that "SEXY HAIR," which we all see on magazine covers every week. Sexy doesn't emulate, it sets the standard and pushes the envelope of individuality. "Sexy Hair" is only an accent. Being true to you is "SEXY."

This post originally appeared on the Huffington Post.
Photography: Scott Ford of LS Studios
Model: Lauren Calaway

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