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Janet Zeitoun

Founder & CEO, Sotah

For nearly 20 years, Janet Zeitoun - founder of SOTAH (State of the Art Hair) hair care products - has been designing the hair of some of the world's most famous superstars. Janet Jackson has said, "Her [Zeitoun's] talent is rare and exceptional." Learn More

Designing Hair Looks for the Academy Awards
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Maximize Your Hair's Health Going into the Spring Season

Maximize Your Hair's Health Going into the Spring Season

By Janet Zeitoun

One of the toughest transitions hair can go through is the change of season. As we run out of the winter months and into warmer days (especially for you folks in cold climate areas of the US), sometimes we forget about our beloved tresses. There are fundamental steps you need to take to maximize your hair health and the Spring equinox is always a good reminder to give your hair a good checkup. Healthy hair (like most things) starts from within. One of the most important things you can do to not only improve your hair, but your skin and...

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